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  • Cord Blood Stories
  • Long Island Families Turn To Controversial Stem Cell Research
    Every weekend, 8-year-old Brianna Bermudez of Bay Shore sits behind a bright yellow table with a bucket of lemonade and a red vase on the corner of West Leila and Manhattan Avenues in South Tampa with her grandmother. Her roadside profits, nearing $4,000, would have sent most kids into early retirement from the lemonade business a long time ago. But Brianna has a much bigger goal in mind. At 50 cents per cup, she’s raising money for her 1-year-old brother, Bryce, born legally blind, to undergo a $50,000 procedure in China that could possibly, within weeks, let him see his sister’s face for the first time.
    Long Island Press | Read More

    Novel Approach Taken with Colorado Girl’s Rare Disease
    Molly Nash’s story is fictionalized in the film “My Sister’s Keeper.”
    Denver Post | Read More

    Thalassemia Cured Using Cord Blood Stem Cells
    Cord blood and bone marrow stem cells with a perfect tissue match from her one-year-old brother were used for transplantation.
    The Hindu | Read More

    Umbilical Cord Blood–a Lifeline
    A Manitoba adult with a potentially fatal blood disease will be thrown a unique lifeline this winter — two tablespoons of blood from a newborn’s umbilical cord. Dr. Donna Wall, director of the Manitoba Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, said umbilical-cord blood is rich in stem cells and could give the desperately ill patient more than a 50 per cent chance of recovery. The patient will be the first Manitoba adult to receive a stem-cell transplant from an umbilical cord, or what medical experts commonly refer to as “cord blood.”
    Winnipeg Free Press | Read More

    Bill could increase supply of cord blood
    GLENDALE — The state Legislature today is scheduled to consider a bill that would boost funding for the collection of umbilical cord blood, a tool for life-threatening diseases that is short supply for minorities, especially Latinos and Armenians, officials say.
    Glendale News Press | Read More

    Frontier in Race to Develop Pacemaker from Stemcells
    City-based leading cardiac care centre, Frontier Lifeline hospital, is competing with some of the leading research institutes across the globe to develop biological pacemaker using stem cells. | Read More

    Cord Blood Stem Cells Reverse Girl’s Cerebral Palsy
    When Chloe Levine was 9-months-old, her parents noticed she couldn’t hold her bottle with her right hand….
    Fox News | Read More

    BMC Neuroscience: The Aging Brain Helped By Injection Of Human Umbilical Cord Blood
    When human umbilical cord blood cells (UCBC) were injected into aged laboratory animals, researchers at the University of South Florida (USF)…
    Article Adapted by Medical News Today | Read More

  • General Stem Cell Stories
  • Placentas Found to be Rich in Stem Cells
    Bay Area researchers have found that human placentas – typically tossed as medical waste after birth – are full of the kind of stem cells that can treat leukemia and dozens of other diseases of the blood.
    San Francisco Chronicle | Read More

    Novartis, Fate Race to Develop Stem Cell Drug for Transplants
    Two companies are racing to develop stem-cell therapies that may save the lives of thousands of people with blood cancer who need a transplant of bone marrow or umbilical-cord blood and can’t find an adequate match. | Read More

    On the march in the ‘land of the ever young’
    The ability to use stem cell therapies in the fight against illnesses like diabetes, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, took a small but significant step as Cambridge scientists uncovered a key process that makes them pluripotent – the remarkable ability to transform into any of the body’s different cell types.
    Business Weekly UK | Read More

    Researchers learn how blood cells ‘talk’
    Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a new model that explains how cells communicate and specifically reveals how blood cells “talk” to each other. The result could help transform treatments for diseases such as leukemia. | Read More

    Blood stem cells programmed to become vision
    Scientists at the University of Florida have announced that they have successfully programmed bone marrow to repair damaged retinas in mice, moving a step closer to developing a potential treatment for one of the most common causes of in older people. | Read More

    How Injured Racehorses Might Save Your Knees
    A runner with a torn tendon has reason to envy a racehorse with the same affliction: horses have treatment options not available to human patients–most notably, injections of adult stem cells that appear to spur healing in these animals with shorter recovery time than surgical treatments. Now the same stem-cell therapies used routinely in competitive horses and increasingly in dogs are beginning to make their way into human testing.
    Technology Review | Read More

    Special Stem Cells Build ‘Biological Bypass’
    U.S. researchers have identified stem cells that are able to grow new coronary arteries, a finding that could lead to new ways to treat atherosclerosis. | Read More

    U.S. Patients Try Stem Cell Therapies Abroad
    Sierra’s mother, her stepfather and her biological father, A.J. Factor, all know that Sierra is seriously ill. On the morning we met them, Sierra was treated at two hospitals before she was stabilized. But the family is convinced of their next step — taking Sierra on an arduous trip to southern China, where they believe the little girl will be injected six times with stem cells during a 34-day stay. It’s the kind of treatment not yet approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. | Read More

    Kidney Institute uses Stem Cells to Cure Nephritis
    The Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre (IKDRC) claims to have pioneered stem cell therapy for the first time on patients suffering from acute and chronic nephritis which may end in kidney failure.
    The Times of India | Read More

    United Spinal Association Reports Positive Results of Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Multiple Sclerosis: Study May be Key to Unlocking a Cure
    NEW YORK, May 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — An article published in the Summer 2009 edition of Multiple Sclerosis Quarterly Report, a joint publication of United Spinal Association ( and the North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis (NARCOMS), highlights the positive initial results of patients who have improving neurologic function after receiving a stem cell transplant, despite no longer taking any MS medications.
    Multiple Sclerosis Quarterly Report | Read More

    Cartilage Grafts for Damaged Knees
    Nanofiber scaffolds seeded with patient-derived stem cells could repair ravaged joints.
    MIT: Technology Review | Read More

    Research Areas For Stem Cells
    Researchers Say Stem Cells Of Various Types May One Day Prove Of Value…
    AP Research | Read More

    Modified Gene May Solve AIDS Mystery
    AIDS Patient Cured by Adult Stem Cell Treatment…
    New York Times | Read More

  • Video Library
  • Adult with Leukemia Experiences Results from Stem Cell Transplant
    Brave Patient Sheds Light on New Stem Cell Treatment 
Fox News | Read More

    Autistic Child Experiences Benefits Following Stem Cell Transplant
    Could stem cells be the cure for autism? 
Fox News | Read More

    Cord Blood Transplant saves Joseph Davis Jr. of Sickle Cell Anemia
    Hear the story of the miracle that saved Joseph Davis Jr. 
| Read More

    Alzheimer’s Vaccine & Stem Cell Regeneration
    Scientists research a stem cell based vaccine to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. 
NBC News | Read More

    HBTV talks with Wendy Spry from Thai HealthBaby about if Cord Blood Banking is right for your family!
    Video of Thai HealthBaby’s Healthcare Educator, Wendy Spry, taken from inside Thai HealthBaby’s Irvine, CA laboratory. | Read More

    Suze Orman: Can I Afford It? Cord Blood Banking
    Suze Orman Show discusses cord blood banking affordability. Suze says, “Can you afford not to do it?” 
MSNBC | Read More

    Dallas Hextell’s Cord Blood Story
    Child with cerebral palsey dramatically improves following cord blood stem cell transfusion. 
NBC Today Show | Read More
    How cord blood stem cells changed Chole Levine’s life
    Chole Levine, who suffered from a stroke in utero, makes remarkable improvement within days and weeks following a cord blood stem cell transplant. 
Fox News | Read More

    Rylea returns home after stem cell treatment in China
    Child regains eye sight following successful stem cell transplant in China. 
CBS News | Read More

    Stem Cell Gold Rush
    California’s landmark stem cell research program made headlines nationally, but what is the latest story behind the science? QUEST investigates the potential for medical breakthroughs in the next decade and how the Bay Area is leading the way. 
KQED Multimedia Series | Read More

    Stem Cell Tourism
    More and more Americans are traveling to China for stem cell treatment. 
ABC News | Read More

    Stem Cell Research Grows Up
    A study finds that adult stem cells can be used to treat human diseases. 
ABC News | Read More

    Stem Cells Show Promise to Treat/Cure Type 1 Diabetes
    Stem cells show promise to treat and cure type 1 diabetes. NBC News interviews Dr. Juan Dominquez Bendala at the University of Miami. 
NBC Nightly News | Read More

    Windpipe Transplant Makes History
    Woman Receives The First Whole-Organ Transplant Grown Using Her Own Stem Cells… 
ABC News | Read More

    Police Officer Saved By Stem Cells
    Paralyzed Texas Police Officer Is Moving Again After Receiving Treatment In China… 
ABC News | Read More

  • Medical Journals and Abstracts
  • Research Articles
    Stem Cell Basics. Serving as a sort of repair system for the body, they can theoretically divide without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive… 
National Institutes of Health | Read More

    Processing Methods
    BioArchive® Freezing Curve for Cord Blood 
| Read More

    Long Term Storage
    Effects of long term cryopreservation on hematopoietic progenitor cells in umbilical cord blood… 
Stockton Press | Read More

    Cord Blood Applications
    Possibility of a peripherally administered cell therapy as an effective approach to improve the microenvironment of the aged brain… 
BMC Neuroscience | Read More

    Bone Marrow Transplants
    Local specialist firm answers growing demand for banking stem cells…Transplantation of Umbilical-Cord Blood in Babies with Infantile Krabbe’s Disease… 
New England Journal of Medicine | Read More