Research & Development
  • Derive technique on embryonic cells
  • Aims: Develop nerve conduit that derived from embryonic cells and neuronal stem cells in neural disease and tissue engineering application
    Collaboration parties: University of California at Los Angeles
  • Cervix cancer vaccine (HPV Vaccine)
  • Aims: Prevent and treat cervix cancer, and further apply the technique to HIV, HBV, HCV and H5N1 vaccine
    Collaboration parties: Johns Hopkins University, National Taiwan University
  • Umbilical cord blood stem cell ex-vivo expansion
  • Aims: Multiple the limited umbilical stem cell
    Collaboration parties: Cell Stem Biotech Inc., USA
  • Cord Blood Stem Cell Selection, Cell Expansion, Cell Modification for BioArchive System
  • Aims: Maximize the recovery and maintain the best viability of stem cell
    Collaboration parties: Thermogenesis Corp., USA
  • Develop nerve conduit derived from human cord blood mesenchymal stem cells to be used for neuron system repairing
  • Aims: Repair the neuron system
    Collaboration parties: Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Segregate mesenchymal stem cell
  • Aims: Provide a technical platform for innovations of more diversified new medical techniques to facilitate integration of medical services
    Collaboration parties: Established “Stem Cell Research and Development Centre” together with O&G Department and Orthopedics Department of Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  • Reproduce blood platelets and with serum
  • Aims: Enhance the regeneration of elegenerative spinal disc
    Collaboration parties: Taipei Medical University