Public Bank

What is a public bank?

When parents decide not to keep their baby’s cord blood stem cells for possible future treatment needs for their family and baby in a private bank, public banks receive donations of these stem cells and store it for patients who are in need of transplantations to survive.

Usually a public bank is established by the government for aiding future treatment usages of its citizens, it is alike to the characteristics of the Red Cross.


HealthBanks Public Bank

Following the concept of our headquarters HealthBanks (Taiwan), Thai HealthBaby also puts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our principle; we consider the benefit to our society and help patients who are in need of stem cell transplantations to cure their illness. Currently we have 4,000 stem cell units in our public bank, the costs to establish and maintain the public bank comes from a portion of our income from our private family bank. And just recently, we signed a HLA typing agreement with Zhejiang Provincial Blood Center with 8,000 stem cell units to increase the chances of finding HLA matching stem cell for patients in need.

For the benefits of society and our members, HealthBanks has established this public bank. For members, we put you in priority if there is ever a need for stem cell for your family, and provide it without any charge.

Our public bank has released cord blood units to countries such as Taiwan, China, Thailand, Germany and Canada, proving our quality in storage is trusted by physicians in several countries.