Successful Transplantations

Successful transplantation cases

The viability of stored cord blood stem cell depends on whether stem cells can be preserved in a constant temperature, which enables the stem cell to remain active after thawing when transplantation is needed. Two consecutive successful transplantation cases have well proven Thai HealthBaby’s cord blood processing and storage facilities meet international transplantation standards. Thai HealthBaby strived to prove to our customers that quality is our most important concern. We guarantee the future use of stem cells by incorporating the most advanced equipment and technologies for stem cell retrieval and storage.

1st Successful Transplantation Case in HealthBanks


Transplantation Date: 18th Dec 2007
Place: Taichung Veterans General Hospital
Description: A two year-old Taiwanese boy was suffered from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, and was treated by cord blood transplant provided from HealthBanks, he has recovered and left hospital 28days (>45days in general cases)after transplantation.

2nd Successful Transplantation Case in HealthBanks

Transplantation Date: 14th Feb 2008
Place: Xuchou Medical College
Description: 7 year-old Chinese girl suffered from Acute Lymphoma Leukemia, was treated by cord blood transplant provided from HealthBanks. She has recovered and has returned back to school.