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Exhibition : Modern Mom Fair 2013

Modern Mom Magazine By Rakluke group organized “Modern Mom Fair 2013″ At Queen Sirikit National Convention Center .This Exhibition is a Greatest Fair For Mom and Children. Many Customers have to attention to the information and receive privileges that are specific to this event only.


Exhibition: The 11th Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy 2011

The 11th Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy 2011 on September 8 to11 was held at the Center Queen Sirikit National Convention, at the event lots of parents came to us asking for stem cell information and we were happy to welcome many new members. It has been a pleasure that Thai HealthBaby members such as “Lookkate Metinee Kingpayome Sharples” families and “Por Punyawee Sukkulworasate” families came with their daughter and her grandmother.

Exhibition: The 10 th Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy 2011

On January 27 to 30, The 10th Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy 2011 was held at the Center Queen Sirikit National Convention, at the event lots of parents came to us asking for stem cell information and we were happy to welcome many new members.

Exhibition: The Tenth Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy 2010

Event: HealthBaby Club

Event: The whole 9 months

Event: Hospitals event

Seminar: BioArchive System

Seminar: Stem cell for your baby and family in future

A great success at the Queen Sirikit exhibition

At this year’s 2010 Thailand Baby Best Buy on Feb 4-7th, we were excited to see many parents interested in saving their baby’s cord blood and cord (MSC) as a protection to their baby and family’s health. Most parents who signed a contract with us at the exhibition expressed being impressed with the quality we provided in our storage methods, because they know that the real potential in stem cells are not only in blood and immune system disorders, but will be extended to regenerative medicines, this means 30 years or even 50 years into the future. Yes, that right! Quality comes first, and guarantees that the viability of stem cells is maintained, and that’s why we use liquid nitrogen liquid phase for cryopreservation, at the constant temperature of -196 Celsius degree!
At this event our Chairman, Mr. Chang Hsui-Kang was also present and shared with us his vision in cord blood banking, as parents know already, Thai HealthBaby started off at Taiwan 9 years ago, and has expanded to Irvine, U.S.A., BEING THE FIRST ASIAN CORD BLOOD BANK WITH A BRANCH AT THE ORIGINS OF STEM CELLS! Just the beginning of this year, U.S. FDA came to inspect our Irvine branch, PacifiCord, after 10 days of inspections the inspectors said they were very impressed with the leading technology used in PacifiCord, and that after inspection of 27 cord blood banks PacifiCord is one of the top cord blood banks. We use the same technology, same SOP and duplicated it in U.S.A., parents can be sure that your cord blood stem cells are with the right hands! Our vision is to become the top cord blood bank in Asia and top 3 cord blood bank in America in 5 years; and 10 years into the future, the number one cord blood bank in the world. For parents it’s not hard to see why we value quality so importantly now, this is truly our basic foundation to cord blood banking and our commitment.
Here are some pictures from the exhibition, welcome new parents to the Thai HealthBaby family and thank you members that dropped by to say hi!


Sharing with parents pictures from Thailand Baby Best Buy exhibition

Here we’re sharing with you pictures from the Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy exhibition at Queen Sirikit during August 27th-30th, 2009. At the exhibition there were many couples who were interested and trusted Thai HealthBaby to keep their baby’s precious cord blood stem cell. K. Edward and K. Methinee (Lookate) who are our current members also dropped by to say “Hi” to us at the exhibition.