Japan to send stem cells to provide free umbilical cord blood transplantation fifty Fukushima Warriors

(April 1, 2011, Taipei) Fukushima, Japan fifty warriors in the world would admire the heroic spirit, but more than the standard value of the human body after a few times after infection, nuclear radiation, hematopoietic function lost, has no choice but to face life threat. Revised Chapter Outline HealthBaby Fukushima, chairman of the Warriors and their families worried to hear the fate of amputation, he said, the Health sector in Japan through its treasure, the Red Cross and the Japanese medical and other units, the expression of public cord blood bank HealthBaby Fukushima Warriors will be provided free HLA-fifty Typing (human leukocyte antigen matching organization) services, in addition, will provide sufficient quantities of cord blood stem cells for future transplant use, this love is expected to exceed NT forty million.

Zhang Xiu Gang, chairman of that public cord blood bank HealthBaby histocompatibility immune genes by the U.S. Institute (ASHI) certification, providing authoritative HLA Typing test, quickly find a suitable cord blood stem cells. In addition HealthBaby public cord blood bank in the last (2010) became the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) and the U.S. cooperating agencies designated Certified Association for cell therapy (FACT) accreditation, is Asia’s first international certification was awarded the matching transplant cord blood bank. Zhang Xiu Gang pointed out that no lack of well-known Japanese cord blood bank, but have not yet obtained Certification Association International Cell Therapy (FACT) certification.HealthBaby is Asia’s only won four major international certification of cord blood banks, public libraries have donated 5,000 bags of cord blood stem cells provide a global match, I hope, “Sheng Bao Sea send stem cells” act of love, so that fifty Fukushima, Japan Warriors no worries.

Public cord blood bank HealthBaby has been assisting more than twenty domestic and foreign medical institutions, to help more than 20 patients received autologous or allogeneic stem cell transplantation. This (2011) Health Po in February to help Hong Kong 2 years with cerebral palsy have little sister went to Duke University (Duke University) for autologous cord blood stem cell transplantation and postoperative recovery position is good, my father often had more Zhang Xiu Gang Yang, chairman of telephone call snapshots to see the progress day by day, little sister has been able to take care of themselves the size of living things interact with family and friends, autologous cord blood for treatment of cerebral palsy open up a new milestone. Most of cerebral palsy, because pregnant women are infected in early pregnancy, premature or difficult birth caused by hypoxia, or infected after birth, brain, etc., with a considerable incidence of Down syndrome. Sheng-bao and sponsored the largest medical centers in Taiwan’s own cord blood treatment of patients with severe brain hemp research project research results will be the Republic of Perinatal Medicine held April 23 publication of the International Stem Cell Symposium day, there will be hundreds of obstetricians, blood oncologists, pediatricians AC cord blood stem cells to treat brain Ma’s successful experience, this is a new milestone in Taiwan’s cord blood transplantation.

Xiu Zhang Gang said, life is priceless, for the fifty-Fukushima Japan is really more relevant Warriors, because they need it most consistent with their HLA-Typing of stem cells to their regeneration. Sheng-bao by ASHI, FACT, NMDP cord blood bank certified to provide high-quality stem cells to create new life for the fifty-Fukushima Warriors hope.

Introducing the newest technology in prenatal testing

When detecting chromosomal abnormalities, aCGH can detect more than 100 types of genetic diseases

Cooperation between Bangkok Hospital and Thai HealthBaby Biotech Co., Ltd happened through Prof. Yi-Ning Su M.D., Ph. D from National Taiwan University introducing this new technique in prenatal testing at a presentation given on 26th of October, 2009 at Bangkok Hospital. The presentation also introduced the testing equipment that it used to detect chromosomal abnormalities through gene sets that detected micro-deletion; the higher resolution that the aCGH offered enabled detection more than 100 genetic diseases*.

*For more information please contact Thai HealthBaby

Biotech Co., Ltd

Hong Kong government supports HealthBaby with 6 million baht for development of HPV Therapeutic Vaccine

HealthBaby is cooperating with Chinese University of Hong Kong at developing HPV

Therapeutic Vaccine for treating cervical cancer. During November 16th-21st, 2009, we joined the China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) to show our preliminary data for our research. We have received a grant of 6 million baht from the Hong Kong government proving our trustworthiness, the results shown is promising and we will continue the preclinical trials.