How to choose a cord blood bank?

Make the right choice by knowing how to choose!

“How do I choose a cord blood bank? What is the standard for choosing one?

Dear Parents,

Cord blood stem cell, is storing precious medical resource from today in preparation for the unpredictable tomorrow, this could be 10 or even 30 years into the future. With the progression of medical technology, the potential and applications will increase.

The decision of what to do with your newborn’s umbilical cord blood is no doubt a very personal one. At Thai HealthBaby we pride ourselves in guiding clients through this decision process to ensure that you choose the best family cord blood bank for your family’s future. We have provided 3 key guidelines in choosing the right cord blood bank for parents below:

1. Storage Quality

The viability of stem cells is critical for successful treatment applications

2. Consumer rights

After the cord blood is stored as a medical asset, you cannot see nor touch these stem cells; therefore it’s extremely important that all your rights are written clearly to fulfill customers’ rights.

3. Company stability

When these stem cells are needed one day, the company must still exist!